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  • Support people in Israel
  • Actions you can take to increase lovingkindness in the world at this time and
  • Resources to support those struggling in our community and beyond

 Action Alert 

Tell the Senate to Confirm a U.S. Ambassador to Israel Immediately. A confirmed U.S. Ambassador to Israel is fundamental to ensure that the United States supports the Jewish state in its time of need. Join ADL in calling on your Senators to urge a swift confirmation of Jack Lew as U.S. Ambassador to Israel.

Contact your senator

Sign this ADL petition now. Tell the media to do better in this time of crisis. They must call Hamas the terrorist organization they are, rather than depicting them as militants or a resistance to Israel.

I Demand the Media Cover Israel and Hamas Accurately



It’s very important that funders pace themselves. We understand the desire to help right now, but this is going to be a long and protracted war, and the rebuilding process will be even longer. There will be huge needs in the months to come, and while responding to the emergency, funders need to be mindful of the long term. Suffice it to say that many communities in the south were literally decimated and will need to be physically and psychologically rebuilt. As an example, Kibutz Be’eri, with 107 killed, lost almost 10% of their inhabitants. This is proportional to New York City losing 800,000 people. That will take long time and a lot of help to heal. We are advising funders to give to organizations that can, and will, do both the short term and the long term work. Organizations listed below meet that criteria. Federations appeals are a good way to give, as they work with established partners on the ground.


For the Safe Return of All Hostages
For the Healing of the Wounded
For the Israel Defense Forces
For Peace

Please call your family and friends in Israel and let them know you stand with them in sorrow and solidarity. 

Please let us be tender with ourselves and each other. Take a break from social media when it becomes too much.

Instead, reach out to one another to check-in. We can’t take each other’s pain away, but we can make sure none of us navigates the pain alone. Let us hold each other with love and grace.

ToHC's Solidarity Vigil Video from Monday, October 10th