Rabbi Alty's Adult Education Classes
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Hebrew School ​​      ​​​​​

The Hebrew School classes typically meet on Mondays & Wednesdays.

For young students, Hebrew School is in the afternoon starting at 4:00 p.m.  Adult students meet Thursday afternoons at mutually convenient times. Please call Chuck Lieberman at (828) 964-2030, if you would like more information or to join the Hebrew School. 

Classes are taught by Chuck Lieberman, a past Board of Trustees president and long time member of our congregation.

                     A Personal Note From Chuck Lieberman

The TOHC Hebrew School in its present incarnation is my own creation.  I am the Hebrew teacher.  I love the Hebrew language; I have learned much while teaching, and I know considerably more than my students.  I might add that I find teaching Hebrew  very satisfying.  All of this began when I taught my own son his Bar Mitzvah.  Then Marina Chase asked if I could do her Bat Mitzvah and it continued from there.  

We learn the Hebrew Alphabet first of all.  I teach the common blessings.  I teach the stories of the Torah, the morality and ethics of Judaism, the history of the Jews, Bible stories, translation and grammar of Hebrew, and finally I tutor students individually for bar and bat mizvot.  Adults are always welcome.  I also encourage parents to stay for the lessons as adults tend to elevate the pedagogical atmosphere.

Not every child has a religious inclination.  But every child deserves a shot, a taste of the marvelous Jewish world that is out there and that I seek to convey to the best of my abilities. 

Baruch Hashem          

Contact Chuck Lieberman  (828) 964-2030  for All Classes
Hebrew School - Chuck Lieberman Leading Hebrew School

Hebrew lessons from beginner-level
to the deeper nuances of prayerbook Hebrew, are
available by appointment with our very experienced teacher.


        ASU  Center for Judaic, Holocaust & Peace Studies
           *Free registration required for Zoom programs

ASU’s Center for Judaic, Holocaust, & Peace Studies will hold the 
20th Annual Martinand Doris Rosen Summer Symposium

from July 23-28, 2022
The Symposium will focus on: 
Film and Photography During and After the Holocaust.” 
The symposium will take place in the form of a hybrid event.
For More Information Visit: 
Conference in Memory of Rosemary z''l on Aug. 1

      Hillel & AEPi at ASU

Hillel & AEPi activities include holiday and Shabbat celebrations and services, parties, films, speakers,
and Israel-related activities.

Hillel at Appalachian State University is active in the United Campus Ministries Association of A.S.U.  The Temple of the High Country, Hillel & AEPi maintain close ties.

Hillel as well as AEPi, the Jewish student men's fraternity, frequently work with ASU's Center for Judaic, Holocaust, and Peace Studies. 
Hillel  meets on Wednesdays from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.,
 on the ASU campus, in the Watauga River Room of the Plemmons Student Union.