We greatly appreciate your generosity and support in the past. The congregation of the Temple of the High Country feels honored and blessed to have so many wonderful donors who have enabled our building fund to grow and blossom. Thank you all. At this time, it is also important that we have your support in building our membership. The growth of our building fund has been essential. However, our dues are placed in our operating fund and are directed towards paying our expenses today as well as the expenses that we will incur from year to year in our new home. It is also imperative that we increase our membership to begin the process of future growth. Our goals are to meet the spiritual needs of all the Jewish families and visitors here in the mountains and to create a more visible identity in the High Country. That requires more members and more participation. Please join our temple family and send in your yearly dues which start at $350 per family under the age of 40 yrs. old or $500 for a family over 40 yrs. old, plus a safety & security assessment fee of $75.00, to the Temple of the High Country, P.O. Box 2895, Boone, NC 28607.

Sincerely, the Board of Directors